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Here’s the Prince of R&B JayR doing a some kind of bit… Here’s his message…

Just something to make everyone smile during these hard times in the Philippines. If you don’t know, google the Ondoy Typhoon. Please try to make a donation. Even just one dollar will make a big difference. The are many organizations that you can google that participate in helping the flooded here in the Philippines like the GMA Kapuso Foundation, World Vision and Red Cross. Thank you.


He’s really funny and well, nice obviously…. Everyone he met knows that for sure…

Well the voice huh! The best talaga…

Guess it’s obvious na talagang he is my favorite singer EVER!

you know you’re my superstar! i love you…. you…..


I have a long list of things or acts I wanna do in my life…

Some things I’m proud of, some I’d rather keep to myself as I don’t wanna be embarassed…

For the “Im-proud” category hmmmn like, say, travel the globe. But that’s a work in progress hehehhe…

And for the other category which is pretty embarrassing, hmmn is this:

I’ve always wanted to dance like crazy wearing Jolibee’s mascot costume.

Yes. Like this video. Oh and this video made my day. Made me laugh… haha!

Btw, why are they dancing in the street? And Jobee and KFC together? Generous huh? Jolibee’s dancing is so landi heheheh… (flirty)

I can imagine myself dancing as Jolibee in this video heheh…. I want to jiggle that cute belly hahaha!

KFC dance like how a chubby person dance hehe…

I like dancing but the shy part of me, always overpowers me. So if i’m inside that thing then i’m not myself, but Jolibee hehehe…

I also have a lot of theories in life, things I believe in because I personally experience them and have thought about it or analyzed it much.

One is, either dancing or singing or any act wherein you are performing it in front of some people or in public, then you’re subjecting yourself to people’s criticism… We all know as well that Pinoy’s are “harder” with fellow Pinoy’s… So it’s like the perception from the moment you stand in front of them, is more on the “not-really-good” side. Judgment is there already. That I can’t stand hehehhe…

Chori, tao lang ako. (Sorry, I’m just a human being hehehe…)

So if I am Jolibee it’s already on the good side of the likability meter. Everybody loves Jolibee or atleast have a soft spot for him (or her?). If I suck at dancing it’s alright, the more Jolibee suck, the happier people will be…

Everybody wants to be appreciated and not judged…

And I thought this is going to be somewhat a “light” post.)


Unbelievable! Guess what???

I just received text messages that was sent on 23 September! So today is 29 September making it 6 days late! Also other messages sent 5,4,3,2 days ago…


Oh my dad got a little worried when he keeps on texting me and I don’t answer back… He did contact me through YM and Skype and asked me why I wasn’t replying….

I said, “I always, always answer back when it’s you or Mommy who text me. Still no messages ’til now.”  This conversation is 5 days old.

I already forgot about it and just remember it now, when I read the messages. I’m like, “Why is he (my dad) still talking bout this topic?” Then other messages followed. Their system received it but “decided” to send to my celfone just now tsk tsk! It’s like they’re sending in bulk heheehhe… Sun Cellular is it cheaper that way? Is this kind of a wholesale kind of thing?


Hahaha don’t worry I still appreciate you very much Sun… You’re very much worth it. I love your Php150 text unlimited with 4 hours of calls… I save a lot with this coz my mom always ask me bout things that require short answers and she will ask me things in SMS sent separately… I mean why not just send it once I mean use all the character allowance of 60? Is that correct?

Hahahahah yeah I know so petty….

I just want to make a new post heheh….


Here’s Giselle Sanchez Buencamino giving birth to her second baby…

You have to give it to Giselle for giving birth with no anesthesia at all…

This is through the Lamaze method…

Lamaze method of childbirth – a method that prepares a mother for natural childbirth; the pregnant woman (in classes and at home) practices (usually with the help of a coach) and learns about the physiology of childbirth and techniques of relaxation, concentration, and breathing

effleurage – a rhythmic stroking; “effleurage of the abdomen is used in the Lamaze method of childbirth”
natural childbirth – labor and childbirth without medical intervention; no drugs are given to relieve pain or aid the birth process; “natural childbirth is considered the safest for the baby”

Btw, the baby’s a boy.. named Zappa…. Cute baby… lots of hair, like me when I was born hehehe…

Oh you have to push that hard and that long????



Very nice very soulful rendition….




Here’s the 16 year old Laura and 13 year old Alba daughters of Spanish Prime Minister Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero..

It’s not like there’s anything wrong with being goth….

It just happened they’re the first daughters of Spain…. and it’s not expected of them…

What’s expected of them to be like? Or Looking like?

Old-fashioned haircut/hairstyle. Barely there fresh make-up. Conservative Maryjanes. With stockings if possible heheh… BE princess like.

Teenagers go through different phases… They just fell in the goth category…

I fell into the chubby-lita(chubby) category heheheh….


There’s a law that prohibits the press to release their photos in public to protect their privacy.

Unfortunately when their father brought them along to a reception in New York’s MET hosted by President Barack Obama with his wife, they took a photo, all of them there. Then it was posted in the State Department’s Flickr page. They took it out after the Spanish government requested so.

Oh girls we feel you.


Hey stupid! Galing mo dami mo na naman nasira ang araw…

Everyday na lang….

Hahahaha! Yeah I know…

Dami talagang ganyan sa paligid…

Sarap sapukin….

Talagang pinanindigan na maging kontrabida

ng lahat ng tao…

Taga-sira ng araw…

Sige kung dyan ka masaya go ahead!

Baka napapasaya ka this way then ok lang….



hahahah! This guy talaga!

You can’t help but love him….

Anyway another great performance by these two…

Angel’s voices singing together…

Like when they sang “I Just Can’t Stop Loving You….”

Both can reach really high notes but they won’t do it

unless really needed…

Especially JayR… He’s such a gentleman..

Oh I know… ehhehe….


For someone who wants to lose some weight, I’m always hungry.

Then how to lose them lbs. then???

I baked this banana-oatmeal cupcakes with vanilla,cinnamon and honey yesterday…


Can’t stop munching them huhuhu!

It’s like after I eat like 3 of them, then the guilt takes over me.

Why can’t the guilt come over first? hehehehe…..

Everytime I bake, I gain some weight. Like when I baked this apple pie. Wheww! I ate half!


See how flaky the crust is? Oh and it’s not burnt its just the egg wash I used…

But I love baking so what to do?

Would some people please buy them from me so its a win-win situation?

I can bake and not gain weight, I dont end up broke and some lucky people will get to taste a little piece of heaven I freshly baked hehehhe….

Contact me!


Me being me, I’m always the last one to know what’s in or what’s new…

Like this one… Became a hit with lotsa people…

It was pretty funny… I mean, “Cmon!”

You’re in a respected news program and channel….

Do your job right….

Maybe he’s so tired? Got something going on with his personal life?

If ever the answer to that is yes, He’s not the ONLY reporter with LIFE.

It’s normal yes, but still not an excuse to mess things up….

Oh and what does Manny Pacquiao and Micheal Fajatin have done something in common? THIS.

I can understand if Pacquiao’s like this. After all the punches he got, I can understand hehehe….. What happened to Michael Fajatin? Did he get suspended or anything??

Must be really embarrassing! It’s live TV….

Get your act together Michael Fajatin.. If not for yourself, do it for your kids/family then…. Bad for you and your family but……

I have to say, you make the boring-old-fashioned-so-stiff news reporting fun!