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Machine Man!

October 3, 2009

with Buknoy! so cute! I still remember some episodes of this show… Like the one where they kidnap little girls then they’ll show the girls videos that will make them cry, then the tears they will turn into diamonds hahaha! Other one is when Machine Man cooks kamote or sweet potato using leaves? That stuck […]

MaskMan – Maskuman! hehehh….

October 1, 2009

Kabisado ko pa kantahin to hahaha! (I can still sing this song!) With conviction heheheh! I’m nostalgic right now…. This is one of the favorite shows of myself and my dad and my cousins… We will watch this for sure every Sunday(?)….. This and other shows like, Machine Man, with Buknoy, Shaider with Annie, Bioman, […]

Masked Rider Black! (with the lumalagutok bones)

October 1, 2009

With the transformation…. My cousins and I used to do that action too hahaha! Wow I feel like crying huhuhu……… With the Snaku commercial always playing with these shows I remember!

Spanish Prime Minister’s Goth Daughters

September 29, 2009

Here’s the 16 year old Laura and 13 year old Alba daughters of Spanish Prime Minister Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero.. It’s not like there’s anything wrong with being goth…. It just happened they’re the first daughters of Spain…. and it’s not expected of them… What’s expected of them to be like? Or Looking like? Old-fashioned […]

Day Out with Mommy while Daddy Flew Out

September 21, 2009

See i’m now 24 years old. But I still feel and act like im 12 heheh…. Still a Daddy’s Girl and a Mommy’s Girl… (If Mommy asks, I’m a Mommy’s girl, get the idea?) Today we watched a movie, a Vilma Santos movie. We ate out. Forgot to take photos. 😦 She had the healthy […]

Driving with Daddy!

September 19, 2009

Just had a very busy day… Had my Dad and brothers and Nanay over… It was fun… He drives faster than I do… But somehow I wasn’t nervous at all? Why was that? When other drivers drive fast (myself included) I get some chills? Because I trust him, that’s why.

Heartsong of a Daddy’s girl

August 27, 2009

If  there’s one song that always makes me feel all sentimental it is this song…. It’s the song for me and my daddy. This song will definitely be played in my wedding (to whoever he is heheh) but when the reception is almost over because I would definitely cry buckets of tears so…. end part […]

Chills galore! Charice’s angelic voice

July 15, 2009

Another video that makes me adore Charice…. great performance with Mr. David Foster.. enjoy! Btw, I think it’s kinda cute that my dad is now a Charice fan too! As an act of support to me (or spying? hehehe), he visits my blog…. He got to watch her video I posted, the first one, and […]

Michael Jackson is a sweet and smart dad

July 13, 2009

Nothing relevant has been happening to me these past few days reason why I consume myself with the internet… I cannot thank enough the inventor! 🙂 Like most people, I’m fascinated with the King of Pop’s life behind the eyes of the public and now that personal videos are surfacing, we are given a sneek […]