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The Author





Why is it that it is sooo hard to write something about yourself when you know your own self the best?

People who know me have their own ideas as to who I am so let me just tell you from my own pretty Angelina Jolie like pouty lips the real deal…

I’m the introvert unica-hija of a civil engineer (who used to be real good working his ways around women, he said he changed now) and a government employee whose life can be made into a telenovela. I am a sister to twin boys, and a pre-teen boy and a girl. Read again, you’ll get the idea. 🙂

I worked in establishments where everything is glamorous and you’ll be treated like a royal blood so long as you have money – or enough money. Hated how everything’s not as they seem, a smile is not really a smile, reason I left. Intention of going back? Hmmm.. good money in there but….

Currently, I’m in sabbatical. And going through quarterlife crisis big time.

I don’t want to go back to that career that’s why I’m re-evaluating every little bit of my life. In here, if your fat in the wallet then you’re perceived as successful. Trying to find where I will really be happy- with fat wallet, the better.

So I guess that’s enough for now. Hope we get to appreciate each other and my honesty. People in the pearl of the orient seas do not appreciate honesty very much so let’s just see. Please don’t kill me. 😉


6 Responses to “The Author”

  1. I want you to move on. Just friendly reminder.

  2. Hey! Thanks for visiting my blog. You’re a new blogger, aren’t you? 🙂

  3. hi. how might we able to send comment separately (email perhaps?) …

  4. hello killerbee! hmmmn I actually already moved somewhere else hehheh….. please visit my new “place”…. a little messed up but feel at home there 😉

    as for the email you can send them at 🙂

    have a good day!

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