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Baby James and Kris’ Oh-So-Sweet Moment

In time of sadness, especially for Kris Aquino, this very touching scene was captured in camera between a mother who is grieving and her very sweet son. Baby James is growing to become a fine young man. He’s way more good looking now. From these videos I’ve found in the net, it’s obvious he’s a sweet young boy.

On a lighter note, here’s a video of Kris’ birthday celebration on Boy and Kris with Josh (who’s so big now, a big mama now) and Baby James who was dancing together with his Kuya and Kris! This is the first time I’ve seen her dance and the type mommies would dance. Haha! So cute! Never mind Boy heheh….


Btw, I once walked pass Boy Abunda in Boracay exactly one year now…. wala lang hehehe…


One Response to “Baby James and Kris’ Oh-So-Sweet Moment”

  1. be strong kris 4 bimby..everythng will be alryt..

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